Dee & Ricky x Casio G-SHOCK GA110DR-1A Watch


Dee & Ricky x Casio G-SHOCK GA110DR-1A Watch」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Ola! Osakamadclub,
    I know what you mean, Casio G Shock watches are tough enough to stand up to the abuse that you deal out when enjoying a rugged outdoor life. The entire range of G Shock watches are shock resistant and made of extra dense materials that can withstand knocks, mud, water and sweat and still look great. Casio watches are popular for classic style and innovative design and the G Shock watches continue this tradition. G Shock bezels and straps are made from a dense heavy duty resin that will not only survive the abuse of an active lifestyle, but cleans easily to keep the watch looking like new for years to come.
    Catch you again soon!


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